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Science-cum-Art and Craft Exhibition


Educon International School organized a Science-cum-Art and Craft Exhibition. There was maximum involvement of students from classes I to IV. The objective to have a science exhibition is to encourage and inculcate a scientific temperament among students. There were a number of working models on display, revealing the creativity of the students.

Some of the notable ones were Shadow, STEM Activities, Models of brain, ear etc. Plant Kingdom was the theme of the exhibition.

Along with the science exhibition the audience even got to witness the wonderful art and craft exhibited by the students. The Art and Craft Exhibition is a very important event, where the students are encouraged to showcase their creativity by displaying their art and craft projects, which are prepared throughout the year. The exhibition saw the attendance of large number of parents and was a huge success. Enthusiasm and effervescence overflowed among students, teachers, parents and the management.