International Curriculum

Our preprimary section follows International Preschool program offering four structured levels starting from toddlers, Nursery to Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten.

Our curriculum envisages the best Teaching/ learning practices of early childhood education which are well researched across the globe.

Unique facilities offered for our preschoolers are as follows: Play - Based International Curriculum.

  • 1. Play based International Curriculum
  • 2. Life Skills Development
  • 3. Immersion Teaching Methodology and Mind mapping techniques.
  • 4. Qualified and well Trained Teaching Staff and support Staff
  • 5. Professional Development workshops for Teachers
  • 6. Regular workshops and interactions for parents.
  • 7. Library, Science, Math and Language corners.
  • 8. Toy library
  • 9. Dance , Music, Art activities
  • 10. Unique After school Programs
  • 11. Quality Management System (QMS) and Internal Audit of implementation of Curriculum and Learning Outcomes
  • 12. Child centered Nurturing Environment
  • 13. Innovative Learning Equipments
  • 14. Excellent Ambience and greenery
  • 15. First Aid Trained Staff and Sick bay facility

Our curriculum implements the concept of Play based learning and multiple intelligence as the soul of our well researched curriculum and Teaching learning Pedagogies.

This purposeful play based early learning sets the stage for future learning, health and well being.

The best part of our preschool is the Play based learning Curriculum and the teacher training workshops which rigorously train teachers to transpire the implementation of curriculum and teaching learning pedagogies to the classrooms.

The Play based Learning is one of the best and apt education methodologies for preprimary education across the Globe, the main benefits of Play based Learning could be summarized as :

A. Learning through Play is supported by Science.

The Benefits of play based learning are recognized by the scientific community. There is now an evidence that neural pathways in Children's brain are influenced and advanced in their development through exploration, thinking skills, problem solving and language expression that occurs during play.

B. Learning through Play is supported by experts in Early Childhood Education and development.

Across the globe, Experts recognize that play and academic work are not distinct categories for young children. Creating, doing and learning are inextricably linked. When Children are engaged in purposeful play, they are discovering, creating, improvising and expanding their learning. Viewing children as active participants in their own development and learning allows educators to move beyond preconceived expectations about what children should be learning and focuses on what they are learning.

C. Learning through play is supported by Children and parents.

It is their natural response to the environment around them, when children are manipulating objects, acting out roles or experimenting with different materials they are engaged in learning through play. Play allows them to actively construct, challenge and expand their own understanding through making connection to prior experience thereby opening the door to new learning. Intentional play Based learning enables children to investigate, ask questions, solve problems and engage in critical thinking. Play is responsive to each child's unique learning style and capitalizes on his or her innate curiosity and creativity. Play based Learning supports growth in language and culture of children and their families.

When Children are playing children are learning, Intentional teaching is opposite of teaching by rote method. Intentional Teaching involves educators being deliberate and purposeful in creating play based learning environments because when children are playing children are learning.

Play Lies at the core of innovation and creativity. It provides opportunities for learning in a context in which children are at their most receptive. In Play, children represent and transfer the world around them, providing other children and adults with a window into their thoughts and perceptions and often helping adults to see the world in new ways. Play expands intelligence, stimulates the imagination, encourages creativity, problem solving and helps develop confidence, self esteem and appositive attitude towards learning.

This concept of play based learning as the best methodology for imparting education to preprimary students for all the reasons mentioned above.

Our preprimary school offers well researched and one of the best curricula and a state of art Infrastructure which is child centric, safe and caring.. This is what is at EDUCON'S Early Learning Centre.