Continuous Professional Development

" Every teacher needs to improve, not because they are not good enough, but because they can be even better. " - Dylan William

EIS, encourages professional development in its teachers, hence organizing workshops to enhance our teachers skills is an incredible part of our school. We strongly believe that CPD (continuous professional development) has the potential to raise the bar and close the gap in pupil attainment. Our CPD program is planned not only to get our new staff up to speed but also initiates working at a very high level quickly. We hope to provide both support and challenge to our staff, like we do in our curriculum; strive for personalization in our CPD programs. All staff has collaborative planning sessions where our core purpose is of enhancing learning and teaching process. So in short, our CPD is effective for staff development as it is increasingly targeted to build on existing teacher skills and is based not only on what we think effective teaching looks like, but on its impact on student's learning and collaboration.

Following is a list of programs:

S.No Program (Topics) Attended By Resource Person Date Facilitators Name
1 Behaviour & Classroom management strategies All Teachers Dr. Rahilla Waheed Bhat (Occupational Therapy) 15.07.17 Rahilla Bhat
2 Open - ended questions in the early learning classrooms All Teachers Dr.Rebecca Berlin ( Chief strategy officer ) 23.07.17 Archana Okhade
3 Positive Behaviour Interventions and Supports: School-Wide Leadership and Implementation Vinita Khaladkar Beth Barker (M.S.Ed.) And Char Ryan (Ph.D.)- Authors of The PBIS Team Handbook 30.07.17 Archana Okhade
4 Students Making Viable Arguments in Math: SMP 3 in Action Vinita Khaladkar Steve Leinwand - Principal Research Analyst (American Institute for Research) 30.07.17 Archana Okhade
5 Purposeful Engagements: supporting young learners with meaningful interactions All Teachers Keith L.Pentz (National Early childhood Especialist) 5.08.17 Nidhi Mishra
6 Music Activities to Support Social Development in the Early Childhood Inclusion Classroom Vinita Khaladkar Dr Carol Ann Blank - Board Certified Music Therapist of Music Together Worldwide 6.08.17 Archana Okhade
7 Communication innovations for Individuals with Autism Rahilla Waheed Bhat Dr. Howard C Shane( Associate Professor at Horward Medical School ) 6.08.17 Nidhi Mishra
8 Behavioral Strategies for Students with Autism. Going Beyond 1:1 Rahilla Waheed Bhat Nina Finkler M.EdLDT/C, BCBA 6.08.17 Nidhi Mishra
9 Classroom Practices That Supports creative Investigations in Early Mathematics Pallavi Patil Dr. Angela Eckhoff Author of Creative Investigations in Early Math 8.08.17 Nidhi Mishra
10 Turn Your Elementary Curiosity into a STEM School Vinita Khaladkar Susan Slate Hayes, Principal - Barkley Bridge Elementary School 10.08.17 Archana Okhade
11 K-5 Students' Natural Curiosity: THe Key to True STEM Learning Vinita Khaladkar Dr. Ginger M. Teague & Emily Scheafer - K-5 STEM Educator 10.08.17 Archana Okhade
12 STEM PLAY: Integrating Inquiry into Learning Centres All Teachers Dr. Kelly L. Jennings-Towle, Associate Lecturer,College of Education & Human Performance, University of Central Florida 02.09.17 Archana Okhade
13 Tablet Workshop All Teachers Sudhan Kulkarni 16.09.17 Nidhi Mishra
14 Thrifty Teachers Guide to Creative Learning Centres All Teachers Presented by Shelley Nicholson, PhD, Owner/Director of Nicholson Early Childhood Education Center; and Jessica Martinez, Director of The Goddard School of Austin 07.10.17 Archana Okhade
15 Rethinking Classroom Containers Sonal Patil Dr. Sandra Duncan, Adjunct Professor, Nova Southeastern University 04.11.17 NA
16 How we promote Learning Milestones for Infants and Toddlers All Teachers Alice Sterling Honig, Ph.D. Professor Emerita, Child and Family Studies, Falk College, Syracuse NY 18.11.17 Archana Okhade
17 Engaging students through high impact learning enviornments All Teachers Presented by Linda Dove, M.Ed., Director of Learning Experiences, Meteor Education 02.12.17 Nidhi Mishra
18 Identifying differently abled children and their learning disabilities All Teachers Rahilla Waheed Bhat 16.12.18 Nidhi Mishra
19 Music activities to support social developments in the Early childhood inclusion classrooms(pre-primary) Pre-Primary Teachers Presented by Dr. Carol Ann Blank, Board Certified Music Therapist and Manager of Research and Special Needs Services, Music Together Worldwide 6.01.18 Archana Okhade