Mr. Tushar Nikam.

I have seen very good improvement in Asmi. Now she is trying to speak in English. We are very happy with her progress and a special thanks to Pallavi Teacher.

Mr. Vijay Mohite.

Feedback - Once Aaradhy started going to school, we observed that he behaves more disciplined regarding getting early in the morning. His skills in regards with English communication got improved in much better way. He likes school very much and so his teacher. He is always excited to see school mates and teacher.

Mrs. Deepmala Ganguli.

The staff is very co-operative. Studies are more easy and simple to explain and teach. Teacher and student bonding is perfect. Approachable staff and everyone in school. Proud to be a part of Educon, way to go.

Col. Devendra Kumar.

Excellent teaching methods and personal attention to every kid. Requirement to inculcate habit among children to speak in English and habit to write more.

Mrs. Binaifer Mogal.

I am so happy with the school especially all the teachers and their staff. Naheed is blooming so well. I am so glad to be a part of Educon family. Keep up the excellent work.

Mrs. Sarika Dongsarwar.

I have seen lots of improvement in Arjun. He made new friends. He learnt lots of new things like raising his hands while asking anything, attendance system, calendar activity. Teacher co-operation is very good. He likes his teacher very much.

Mr. & Mrs. Singh.

We can see gradual progress in Shrihan. He can now easily recognize shapes and colors. Thanks to his teachers for taking such nice care and teaching him new things.

Mr. John George.

Christy is now communicating well with the people. His performance also improved well. He keeps the toys and things in proper place after using it. He also interacts with people. Christy's neatness is also improved. He also learned new words of English and Hindi. He speaks well in English and Hindi. When he watches TV or sees something, he asks the doubts more and more. Overall, he has improved in many things and activities. We are satisfied about the positive changes in Christy.

Mr. Manish Kalia.

Aarit enjoys going to school which is a testament to the excellent work which the team at school is putting in. Keep it up.

Mr. Kundan & Mrs . Priyanka Sharma.

Facilities are very good. Saves children from dust and pollution. Kid is in fact doing so good and i expect more things in upcoming.

Mrs. Date.

Very happy to see Arin growing under the gentle hands of teachers. Arin has started to sing at home, eat by himself, speak and correct English of others at home. He is very happy all the time. I have found expected change in Arin in a very unexpectedly short time. He loves his teachers a lot. Thank you so much to the teachers and the entire team of school.

Mr. & Mrs. Patel.

The following points would like to inform you as feedback. Started sharing things with parents and friends. Using English words like sorry, thank you, good morning and good night properly. Happy while going to school. Enjoying school time and loves to come to school everyday. Thank you for helping my child to grow better.

Mrs. Bahirmal.

I am very satisfied about eating habits. Now a days he always tries to find shapes at home. He loves to come to school. We are very happy about his growth and development.

Mrs. Ingle.

We are very much happy that we put our child in this school. We can see daily progress in our child. We were very surprised when she dances on “rang de basanti” song at home. She did it very well without taking any break. She performed on whole song. I really appreciate the teachers who taught her. We were very happy when we saw the photos of her performing in the assembly. She tells me “Teachers hug me today”. I like kiran teacher. I really appreciate the patience of teachers, because we handle only one or two children at home, and you people are handling 12 to 14 at a tim.e

Mrs. Sheetal Puri.

Mihika has grown in several aspects since she started attending school. She is very happy to go to school every morning, and that is the proof of the caring and fun environment that is being provided by the teachers and the schools. I m very satisfied with the curriculum and the activities that are taken with the kids. The teachers are very patient with kids and their parents. They provide regular feedback that is very important to us.

Mrs. Bamanta.

I am very happy with the feedback, get a good chance to know more about Debaprita. It was nice to talk with Kiran teacher.

Mrs. Ashar.

We are very happy with the way Miara is progressing. Her language is developing extremely well.

Mrs. Singh.

We loved her dance on Independence Day. Good to see her manners when we see her saying thank you every time. Overall very satisfied with the way she is been treated.

Mr. & Mrs. Shah.

We are happy with Pranshu’s development. So please continue the enthusiasm and help us to grow Pranshu in all manner.

Mr. And Mrs. Puri.

We have seen nice improvement in his speaking. He is becoming more socialized. Thanks to your teachers. He loves coming to school, that is the biggest achievement for me and thanks to you for this. I would just want that they get more outdoor play.

Mr. Sandeep & Mrs. Rajani Kabra.

Shlok enjoys coming to school, many times he sings the rhymes he learnt in school. He makes us do few activities like he learnt dabbing etc. He started to learn new things like different shloks, songs. We are satisfied with the different changes in Shlok and we are very happy with his progress.

Mrs. Naik.

I see Himank growing in all areas. We observe new and positive changes in him everyday. This is helping him in his daily activities which he executes independently. He uses his words nicely and speaks positively. He is very impressed by his teachers and always praises them.