Curriculum For Excellence

Our Curriculum for Excellence is based on Holistic well Being approach

Holistic Well Being Approach Is Practiced By :

leaving behind the hypertrophy of the mind and harmoniously develop alldimensions of the human being.

The Emotional And Affectionate Dimension

that allows us to cultivate a positive relational quality for the self and for others: non-judgment, valorization, << taking care of the self >>, learning positive and fair conflict resolution...

The Physical Dimension

is primordial for a balanced development: sports, vitality (yoga, breathing, relaxation, etc.), nutrition and health...

The Intellectual Dimension

Fundamental learning, interdisciplinary projects to reconsider subjects in a new way, experimenting, learning to learn...We cultivate a global intelligence, one that joins the intelligence of reason with intelligence of the heart.

The Creative Dimension

that represents all of the potential of the imagination, of the creativity and innovation of children: Artistic and musical education, miming games, ecological projects created and carriedout bythe children...