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Christmas Celebration


As part of our international curriculum, students explore and celebrate all major festivals from around the world. It is exploring and experiencing world cultures to become a Global Citizen.

Christmas is a time to give and forgive. Celebrated everywhere as a joyous family affair, we too, at EIS celebrated Christmas as a happy time for our children. A Christmas celebration was held in EIS.

The festivities included Christmas carols singing, a skit on Christ birth and various games that were organized for children.

Santa Claus too made a grand entry and gave adorable poses to click. He also distributed gifts to students.

“We wish you a merry Christmas…”, “Dashing through the snow…” filled the air with festivity.

Children and their parents had a great time participating in the games and activities and taking photos with Santa. Delicious food stalls were filled with treats for the season which everyone enjoyed.