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Farmer's Day Celebration


In EIS, the celebrations were heard and felt in the whole school as a complete week was dedicated to farmer's and celebrated as Farmer's week.

Main purpose was sensitizing our students about importance of farmers.

Farmers play a vital role in our everyday life and they are the backbone of our country. From food grains to fruits to vegetables to milk and other sources of food we consume on daily basis is due to the hard work and selfless service of our farmers towards our society.

“If you ate today, thank a farmer”.. is a quote that sums it all.

EIS expresses its solidarity with all farmers of our country and takes this opportunity to thank them for their service to humanity.

Here is how EIS celebrated the farmer’s week;

1) EIS students were shown various PowerPoint presentations based on Farmers and their life. Visuals and stories helped them understand the farming sector in India better.

2) Students made a farm model with their own creativity after going through many photographs featuring farmers, farm fields, crops, and food grains.

3) An event was organized to felicitate Naam Foundation. The foundation works for betterment of farmers in the drought-prone areas of Marathwada and Vidarbha in the state of Maharashtra.

We were honored by the presence of Mr Aniruddha Desai - A representative of Naam foundation who spent time interacting with children and spoke about farmers and the foundation's work. EIS expresses its gratitude towards NAAM foundation who are diligently working for the upliftment of farmers.

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