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Hour of Code


We are coding! We are coding!

EIS students participated in the Hour of Code today. They are fully engaged and having so much fun programming.

Continuing to inculcate the seed of Coding, which is making a lot of advancement in the field of technology, we once again gave an opportunity to our students to have a hands-on workshop of coding to understand the basics and be able to create a small programme as an output.

Students from Grade 5 and 6 participated the Hour of Code which was supported by Progate, Japan’s biggest online platform for learning modern programming languages.

They learnt about what coding is and Why is it required.

They had fun while learning and showed interest in Coding. The goal of organising Hour of Code was not to teach anybody to become an expert in computer programming in one hour, but the real objective was to give them a subtle exposure of learning basics of coding together through broad participation across gender and ethnic and socioeconomic groups.