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Introducing 3D Learning in Classroom


Adding impetus to our endeavor of innovative teaching, we are pleased to inform you about enabling 3D Digital Content for EIS students.

The use of 3D in the classroom offers enormous potential as a tool in teaching and learning. Children find it hard to understand what is not visible. Visual learning improves the pupils’ understanding of functionality and by seeing the whole of something; children are able to understand the parts.

Complex concepts become more easily digested when reduced to imagery. By rendering the world visually, EIS students will be able to understand greater levels of complexity, as the animations allow them to see structures and to see how things work.

In particular, the 3D animations will make it possible for students to move rapidly from the whole structure to various parts of the structure, including to the microscopic and cellular levels. This process of amplification and simplification seemed to be particularly effective as an aide to understanding. These highly vivid experiences make the learning very captivating to the senses.

By bringing this innovative method in curriculum, students will have deeper understanding, increased attention span, more motivation and higher engagement.