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Kitto - My Buddy (for Jr. Kg., Sr. Kg and Std. 1 classes)


A Kitto program is an activity that connects what kids are learning at school and extending that to their home. Kids take home a soft toy named "Kitto". After the parents have been informed, teacher explains to the kids that they are going to take turns taking the Kitto over the week. They tell them that if they wish they could write, draw or scribble what they did with the Kitto.

Each child gets to keep the Kitto for a week (Fri to Wed). On Wednesday, the child should bring it back to school. Then on Friday, teacher gives the Kitto to the next child. That child should take the Kitto for a week and do the same thing.

The main objectives are Responsibility, Language development, and Early literacy.

Children shouldn’t think of this activity as homework, and they are not forced to do it. If the child wants to add aspects to the activity, then they should do it. For example, a child could take pictures of the Kitto and bring them back to share with the class. This kind of creativity is encouraged.