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Field trip to Old Age Home


EIS students visited an old age home (SRC Foundation) on a field trip day.

"Blessed are those who have the old with them", goes an old saying.

To EIS Students and staff, it was the most wonderful, emotional and eye-opening scenario. It was a distinguished opportunity to share their love, warmth and feelings with the senior citizens. In their tearful eyes, reverberating laughter and wrinkled faces, the students saw the vivid reflection of their grandparents.

Students introduced themselves and senior citizens asked questions about school and studies.

Being in their company for a few hours, they developed a bond that would be cherished for years to come. Students indulged in entertaining the elderly and bringing precious smiles on their face. Children's' performance was a Group Dance and a Song.

It was an enriching experience for students to visit the old age home and interact with its inmates.