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Reciprocal teacher exchange Visit


Educon International School hosted a delegation of 4 teachers from United States of America who visited the school to learn about the education methods and approaches to learning.This Reciprocal teacher exchange Visit is a part of our GSP (Global School Partnership) programme.

The delegation included teachers from Center for Global Studies, Connecticut (Ms. Paula Fortuna, Ms. Keiko Sigmund, Ms. Sadhana and The Cove School from California (Ms. Belind O'Neil).

Students of EIS, Archit and Shraddha took the delegation on a school tour, visiting each and every classroom. The morning was a mixture of touring our school, visiting the classrooms, observing what students are learning, meeting the teachers to discuss about teaching styles and approaches, meeting rest of the staff and probably most enjoyable of all, observing our tiny tots as they enjoyed their story time and parachute play.

While visiting classrooms, the delegation appreciated and encouraged students for their vibrant student work on the walls, an informative interaction with their counterparts gave them an insight on the curriculum for excellence, about the school’s philosophy, teaching learning practices, structure, evaluation and assessment procedures, policies, staffing, training, and more.

Post the school tour, all gathered for a cultural event organized by students of std 5th and 6th.
Various performances by students like Tabla, singing, show and tell activity showcased the innate talents of our students and won applause from the delegation.

The delegation was also interviewed by our student Reporter Viprav, the answers poised by the visiting teachers gave all of us a plethora of information about their schools, regular routines, facilities, academics and how their students are; The session helped all in understanding the diversity of cultures and innovations taking place at both the sides.

PTA members of our school also interacted with the delegation with focus on teaching methodologies followed in Connecticut and California schools.

Guests did enjoy the maharashtrian delicacies in breakfast and got a taste of local cuisine.

The visit was of step forward in strengthening the partnership with schools across the globe.