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Parent Feedback - Pushpa Anant


I am Pushpa Anant, mother of Yuvaan who is studying in Jr. Kg. in your school. Yuvaan is learning alot. He is improved in communication skills - specially in English.

I must say school has an efficient team of teachers. I am very happy with my son how he is grooming in all aspects.

First time I saw my son has learned words at this stage. He can write till A to Z and 1 to 50.
This is not easy to have seen my son was making Alphabet with the blocks. This was really new concept which I have never seen anywhere.

I thank his teacher Ms Amita Bhoyar who takes the pain for making student understand in different way.

I am very greatful to the team of Educon International School for giving good exposure to our kids. For me it is an ideal school in all aspects.

Thank You.
Pushpa Anant.

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